Wednesday, September 26, 2007

what would you do if you are in dilemma?

its easy to say `think rationally before u make a big or something important decision in ur life..` hell yeah.. something u dont really sure what its all about or in short u just need help... but the thing is there is nobody could help u except urself.. even sometime u dont really trust urself.. actually im kinda` light blogger who r trying to express myself by writing this thing .. not as `daily blogger`like hardcore malaysian bloggers .. they use as alternative information since they dont trust other primary mass media or in malay` arus media perdana` as they believe corruption in government management and etc etc.. bla bla.. its politics.. they show their way of political thinking.. sucks.. not a good timing for me to think about it now.. anyway..
as a muslim its a compulsory to go back the way of islam teach us what we need to do if we lost dont know how to think.. what to do... where to go.... back to the basic.. Allah is always with us.. that how i try to handle myself.. seems easy to say right.. solat istikharah.. insyallah it`ll help us making decision.. as for me.. transferring credits my course to be kodeian.. or hanyangian really ...... damn... dont know which one to choose... still.. the best for me or for both universities..

the next thing is how not to compromise with urself...the really kind of person u r beneath ur heart.. ur mind.. ur soul.. ur everything.. fix urself before being urself.. well.. i use `urself` instead of `myself` seems its kinda weird when i read this whole thing like i talk to nobody but at least when i use urself i feel like i talk to somebody who has enough time to read this thing.. so.. anyway.. every single person in this world has secret for himself/herself.. some secrets they share with their families.. share with friends.. and some.. only for themselves.. btw.. i just wanna fix myself before being who r realli i am.. just it... nothing more than that..